Manufacturers of TPE products for industrial purposes will find that Polymax TPEs can successfully meet their exacting requirements for safety and functionality. Polymax TPEs are durable, shock and vibration absorbent, fluid resistant, and they seal at high and low temperatures. They provide long service life and are completely recyclable. Because of their ease of processing and lighter weight, Polymax TPE is a lower cost solution to many thermoset rubber materials, including neoprene and EPDM.


  • Good chemical and environmental resistance
  • Noise suppression and vibration absorption
  • Low compression set
  • Good UV resistance
  • Low and high temperature flexibility
  • Easy mixing and processing
  • Recyclable and environmental friendly


  • Building & Construction
  • Window & Door Seals
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Fluid Delivery

  • Hose and Tubing
  • Safety Equipment
  • Belt and Conveyors