PolymaxTPE, a manufacturer of premier quality thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), has developed a low hardness TPE elastomer exhibiting better performance than that of thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) widely used in weather seals by providing higher tear strength, lower compression set and cost benefits.
This new grade, D6940, is ideally suited for weather seal application that requires low deformation stress, rubberlike seal recovery, UV resistance, and paint stain resistance. With hardness reduced to 40 shore A, D6940 TPE still exhibits 12% higher tear strength than a weather seal grade TPV with 60 shore A while providing low compression set of 14% at 23°C and 36% at 70°C, respectively.
According to Tom Castile, VP of Sales at PolymaxTPE: “In response to growing demand for softer TPE elastomers in window sealing and telecom box sealing, this new TPE material achieves our goal of a higher tear strength elastomer with low compression set at hardness levels down to 40 Shore A.
The new D6940 is the latest addition to the PolymaxTPE weather seal product line that includes materials with hardness range from Shore A 40 to 90 and covers a broad spectrum of physical properties. PolymaxTPE TPE materials have already gained acceptance in weather seal applications thanks to their cost and performance benefits including:
• Higher tear strength;
• Low compression set and low deformation stress;
• Low-temperature toughness;
• No pre-drying prior to extrusion;
• Cost advantages over TPVs.
“Although targeted as a cost benefit alternatives to TPV elastomers, these products also provide a significant improvement in cold temperature toughness versus flexible PVC in the window and door seals,” noted Dr. Ron Sheu, VP New Business Development.
Polymax can produce weather seal TPEs grades at its new manufacturing locations in Chicago and also in Nantong, China.